• Stone Designs Presented by Consolidated Brick

Stone Designs Presented by Consolidated Brick

  • 13 Mar 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual


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Stone Masonry Designs in Full Bed and Thin Clad

This program will include a discussion of  the formation of natural stone, calcium silicate stone, and c90 concrete stone.

Additionally, the following will be discussed:

Architectural detailing for all types of masonry veneers, promoting “BEST PRACTICE” design.

•Discuss a variety of design styles with FULL BED and THIN BED stone products.

•Changes in building code, address Continuous Insulation requirement for THIN adhered materials .

•Options for a NFPA285 approved thin masonry drainage wall assembly system.

•Lightweight design options for hanging stone to create a ventilated rainscreen wall or soffit condition.

•Showcases overall design versatility of masonry as an unique cladding system 


  Understand differences in natural stone, concrete and Calcium Silicate

  Understand the importance of proper masonry design through "Best Design Practices"

  Showcase overall design versatility of stone as a cladding material

  Discuss Thin-Clad stone solutions:

  • back drained & ventilated rainscreen system
  • adhered veneer with drainage system
  • continuous insulation requirements for thin
  • NFPA285 assembly solution for thin adhered

  Sustainability and Green benefits of Calcium Silicate masonry units

Credits:  AIA       1 LU/HSW

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